40 Years of experience in flexible packaging

Gamma Plast represents today a mature and efficient business reality: the company, thanks to the maximum elasticity in production and quality, has been able to grow together with its customers in production and range. Almost forty years of experience and the available fleet of machines place the company on high quality standards while maintaining the maximum versatility that has always distinguished it.


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FLEXO printing

Our company produces films in neutral or printed reels in up to 4 colours. The colours used are carefully mixed to ensure fidelity to the graphics supplied.

stampa flexo


The machinery is also constantly being updated READY 4.0. We have various types of impulse and wedge welds to guarantee the maximum tightness of our products.

Application of accessories

Multiple applications available including customisation with handle or rope and special closures such as zip, slider, hinge and double-sided adhesive and special holes.