The bioplastics scam

In Italy, single-use products made of compostable plastics must be disposed of together with food waste. However, according to data from ISPRA’s Waste Register, 63% of the organic fraction is sent to plants that hardly manage to dispose of compostable plastics, which therefore end up being discarded. The rest ends up in composting plants that usually operate with too short a time frame to guarantee compostability.

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Proper Recycling: "The Plastic Journey"

Each of us can do our part, choosing to adopt greener habits and selecting our purchases also on the basis of their sustainability.
Not all plastic comes to harm, however: even this material, if correctly placed in separate waste collection, can be subject to recovery and recycling.

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Update CONAI Environmental Contribution 2022

The CONAI Environmental Contribution represents the form of financing through which CONAI allocates between producers and users the cost of the charges for separate collection, recycling and recovery of packaging waste. These costs, based on the provisions of Legislative Decree 152/06, are allocated “in proportion to the total quantity, weight and type of packaging material placed on the national market”.

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